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Review: Daisy Model 880 Airgun

As a teenager I had many pellet and BB guns. Many hours were spent going through the woods near my home imagining that I was on an adventure – possibly encountering enemy, bears, wolves, werewolves – whatever my mind could come up with. From a simple single pump Red Ryder to a higher powered multi-pump pellet pistol like the Crossman 1377 – so much fun.

 One of my favorite pellet rifles was the Daisy 881. From what I remember it had an all metal reciever, required 10 pumps for maximum power, felt sturdy in my capable hands – and was highly accurate. I distinrincly remember shooting the wings off of a mosquito at 30 feet!! :)

I recently purchased a Daisy Model 880- which looked very much like my old Daisy 881. After getting it home and taking it out of the box – I found some differences. The receiver is polymer like  most of the gun which makes it very light. This is a multi-pump pellet/BB rifle – meaning that the more you pump it the higher the velocity the projectiles will go. The maximum power is achieved with 10 pumps. Velocities range from around 700 fps with pellets to around 750 fps with BB’s. Pellet size is .177 caliber.




The stock is styled in what is called a “Monte Carlo”. It is a classic design and pretty comfortable. The size of the rifle should fit shooters from early teen-years to adult. This is not a pellet rifle for a small shooter.


Sights are standard rear v-notch sight with an elevator. Front sight has a “fiber optic” insert making it very visible. It has a dovetailed received form mounting a scope – which I have done. The scope is a very inexpensive model made for pellet guns.

 Here is a picture of the Daisy leaning up against my BOV:

Daisy 881, pellet gun, airgun
Click to Enlarge



Although I felt after shooting the Daisy 880 that it was prettty accurate – a more data-driven test was in order.

I set up a paper target at 15 yards and shot off-hand. I shot several 5 shot group pumping the gun 10 times for each shot. Group after group – I was disappointed. The averagegroup size ran around 5″ inches. 5″ group at 15 yards? I am not impressed. I believe my old Daisy 881 would have done better. Why? I think it was better made. This 880 Rifle has a polymer receiver – which the scope mounts to. I am certain that the scope just does not have the sturdy mount necassary to hold zero after all those pumps and the jarring that occurs.


The Daisy 880 is fun to shoot and is a decent pellet/BB gun to learn basic marksmanship on – but that is it. Could you hunt small game with it? Sure, however there are much better options out there.

If you are lookingg for a good pellet rifle as a survival tool – look elsewhere.


By the way – a better alternative – and more portable – is the Crosman 1377 American Classic Variable Pump Power Bolt Action Air Pistol. Check it out.

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