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Repost: Survival S.O.P.’s

In developing a Survival & Preparedness “System” – it is obviously important to think ahead. I mean, that is why we are all interested in preparedness is because we are concerned about what might happen in the future and are thinking, planning, and preparing now. Right?

SOP, standard operating procedure, survival

With this in mind – it is a good idea to come up with Standard Operating Procedures for different scenario’s. These are written procedures with steps on how something will be done as well as who will be doing them, and what will be needed to make it happen.

The benefits to written SOP’s include the following:

  1. The process of writing and reviewing them will often expose “holes” in the planning – enabling you to fix them now rather than possibly have to deal with them later.
  2. Increased communication and consistency among group members as all will be reading the same SOP – there should be no question as to who will do what, when and how.
  3. By being able to review these SOP’s frequently – the contents will become much more familiar to everyone. Should something happen it should not be necessary to pull out the SOP – rather it should be familiar to everyone so that the correct steps can be carried out. Basically – people will better know what to do and how to react with having SOP’s rather than not having them.

SOP’s can be both in printed form and stored electronically. It is suggested that SOP’s be stored in hard copy form in a binder – possibly having the individual pages laminated to make them water resistant.

Let me give you a few examples of a situations that a SOP would be beneficial:

  • THSTF and communication is down and the kids are at school – Who gets the kids? Without some planning ahead of time so that everyone understands what is to happen under these circumstances – resources could be wasted (and the kids left at school!)
  • TSHTF and travel home is impossible – where do you meet your group/family? Lets face reality – it could happen. A chemical spill could prevent you from reaching home. If communications are up – you could just place a call. If the nature of the “incident” is such that communications are down – does every one know where to meet?
  • Your water supply has become interrupted – what steps do you take to provide non-contaminated water to your family?
  • TSHTF and the power has been off for a few days and people are becoming desperate – what steps do you take to improve security on your property?

Those were just a few examples. Filling out a SOP form now can get you thinking about the possibilities that may occur later – so you can properly plan now.

For a Standard Operating Procedure Template – click here. The SOP template is in MS Word format. If you do not have MS Word – download OpenOffice.

Take care –


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3 comments to Repost: Survival S.O.P.’s

  • Vic

    Your piece brings to mind good points beyond the need for SOPs..

    I do want to add to your emphasis as to why SOPs are critical..

    Under stressful situations the best of us in the best, physical, emotional and health conditions can still develop tunnel vision and make errors..tired, hungry cold etc…it becomes much tougher…

    SOPs represent the working out of problems in advance over a cup of coffee maybe at the kitchen table with a piece of pie, yumm…. This allows us to with cool heads think thru a problem talk it out….revisit it..add or subtract from the solutions depending upon changing variables.

    Perhaps the most important thing SOPs accomplish.. They insure your greatest chance of making sound decisions especially when everything is at it’s worst.. When we must make choices.. Moral, legal, ethical we look at our SOPs.. and follow them..we figured this out and have resolved at least a similar problem.

    When, where and how we choose to resist evil.

    Suddenly situational morality falls by the wayside.. Right remains right and wrong remains wrong.. While others flounder for many reasons we move towards our objective because we have thought them out well in advance. Our SOPs help us to “Be Prepared” Further we have coolly and rationally thought thru the moral and legal aspects of survival.

    Be it an encounter with bad men from whatever source.. or bad Wizards.
    We avoid being sucked into false realities and false concepts of right and wrong..

    A Tank Crews SOP is to “Service” threats from greatest to least in that order.. When stopped their SOPs tell them when tactically secure to get out and Service their Tanks (Check on POLs (fuel oil etc), perform Repairs such as appropriate.. and the priority of those Services..

    When we lay out SOPs around the Home.. we should be doing the same.. Greats threats to least .. Most likely to least likely…

    Some big brained General once said (Paraphrase)..

    “Everything in war is simple only the simple is very difficult”

    This is true in our lives at home as well…

    Others have SOPs as well…

    What happens when their SOPs conflict with your families? Will you find yourself prevented from gathering up family members in a crisis? What SOPs have you laid out in advance to deal with that problem.. Do you have “pickup and rally points” away from easy observation. Established what is the Decision Point when your SOP conflicts with others and how will family members know when to switch from..compliance mode to executing your families Survivial SOPs and Plans… (They should be invisible to others).

    BTW FRS Radios are inexpensive, effective and provide surprisingly good short range difficult to jam communications. Does everyone have at least whistle?.. Probably not. certainly not in the general public..
    You do not have to see each other in order to make contact or communicate for some distance (with SOPs as to what whistles (3 short one long etc) mean what..

    Can your family members see an easily identifiable landmark.. Might a white sheet or maybe a small pennant maybe even a majic marker communicate?

    If you think about it… Somewhere easily accessible none of your family members should really be without alternate means of communication at least from higher down..


  • Dan

    This is something my brother and I have had on our minds for some time. This Re-Post (I must have missed it the first time) has reminded me how much we need to get it squared away.