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Project: Ruger 10/22

Stock Ruger 10/22

Click to Enlarge

I am planning to purchase another Ruger 10/22. Why? Well – I want to. I love the Ruger and all the different accessories you can get for it. My oldest son is 11 and will be turning 12 in a few months – I think this project will be for him (although it will sit in my safe for many years to come).

The question is – How will I outfit the Ruger?

My first option I am considering is a heavy barrel “sniper” variety.  Adding a heavy barrel, bipod and custom stock – plus a decent scope – NICE!!

Something like this:

Ruger 10/22 Tactical Sniper

Click to Enlarge

Next – there is the tactical carbine. There are a lot of options here. Never before have there been so many different stocks, sights, magazines, magazine releases, etc. The tactical carbine would probably be the funnest.

Something like this:

Ruger Tactical

Click to Enlarge

Ruger Choate Tactical .22LR

Click to Enlarge

Muzzlelite Tactical Ruger 10/22

Click to Enlarge

 Project: Ruger 10/22 may take awhile to complete as pieces will be purchased as finances allow. I think one of the best parts is seeing how the Ruger develops and getting my son involved in building it. It is important to me to get him more involved in shooting – no doubt the Ruger could help with this.

Does Project:Ruger 10/22 have any real-world survival use? I certainly think so. I have written about the .22LR for Defense before – but beyond that hunting small game, ridding the garden of pests, firearm training, etc. are certainly within its capabilities.

 Well – the first step is to purchase the stock Ruger 10/22 – then starting planning Step 2 – whatever that may be.

I will keep you updated.


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6 comments to Project: Ruger 10/22

  • They’re a great rifle, I have 2 of them plus a box of spare parts! I recommend switching the OEM mag release for the extended mag release, it makes a big difference IMO. If I was forced to choose and own only one firearm, the 10/22 carbine would be my choice.

  • irishdutchuncle

    instead of buying the complete rifle, why not just buy a custom receiver to start with? there are tons of orphan 10-22 barrels and stocks collecting dust as it is.

  • Rourke

    That is certainly a thought. I think I will look into that.

    Thx – Rourke

  • My uncle had a stainless one some time ago. He put a folding stock on it and a small (4 power) scope. That was a pretty darn good setup.

  • I too want to buy another Ruger 10/22. Mine now looks like an AR-15, not unlike many out there. Was hoping to keep this one stock… If I could find two or three used ones, I would rather buy a couple of them just to have them.

  • Rourke

    Yea – I think I will end up with a few. I am looking at a S&W M&P15-22. I am curious how reliable they are. I have heard very good things. That’s one of my fall projects – reviewing the S&W on this blog as well as on my YouTube Channel.

    Thanks – Rourke