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Pnuematic Blowgun?

I recently did a review of the Predator Blowgun – which I like very much. Sitting around the other day – I thought to myself – “Self, I need a blowgun on steroids in case the zombie’s attack”. My first thought was to somehow power the blowgun with air pressure. I suddenly remembered that I had an old pump-action paintball pistol that I had bought for my oldest son a few years ago.


I went to the garage and found it, along with a box of CO2 cartridges. Here is the paintball pistol:

paintball pistol

paintball pistol w/hopper removed

My idea was to take the mouthpiece off the Predator and insert the blowgun into the barrel of the paintball pistol – and secure it in some manner.

For this prototype – I wrapped masking tape around one end of the blowgun in two places – as seeen here:

Next – I inserted the blowgun into the .68 cal barrel of the paintball pistol – which fit very snug. I made sure that the blowgun only went in far enough so it just barely entered the chamber. I found that to insert a dart – I had to trim a little plastic from the chamber opening. Once that was complete – I loaded up 2 CO2 cartridges to give it a shot.

My initial shot was from my typical target range of about 30 feet. The dart entered the wooden target and the shaft bent with deep penetration.

paintball powered blowgun

I was amazed.

Longer range was being demanded. So – 50 yards away was the corner of my house. From there – I took aim and pulled the trigger sending another dart hurling towards the large board.

Wow!!! It sped to the target and hit with authority. When I arrived to the board I found the dart intact and having completely penetrated the board.

blowgun dart penetration

dart fully penetrated the board

I am hoping to get an 18″ or 24″ blowgun to try. Next time I go to play paintball I will get see if they will let me use their chronograph to check the dart speed. It has got to be way up there.

All I can say is “Watch out Zombie’s!!!”


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