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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

- Thomas Jefferson


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Patriot Rising is closing down….



I received an email on Saturday that both surprised me….and kinda pissed me off. Zoomie over at Patriot Rising sent out an announcement that he was shutting down operations…..for good.


The reasoning for this decision? That is a good question. I really do not understand  as Zoomie references a post he republished that from the sounds of it was controversial and potentially “dangerous”. I suspect that post may have been taken down as I could not find anything that might have fit that description. I must have missed it when it was originally published.


Zoomie goes on to write a fantastic narrative and description of his displeasure in the current state of this country. As usual – I agree with him 100%. All great hings must come to an end – but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.


What pisses me off is we need his voice out there. Zoomie, Squid, and Grunt provided a voice of RIGHT against the many voices of WRONG that so many of us are exposed to on a daily basis via newspaper, radio, and TV. There are many people out there just now waking up to the realities that all is not what it appears in this country – and they need a voice to talk to them. Patriot Rising no doubt has been that voice for many – including myself.


I feel there is a lot of work left to do for Patriot Rising. BUT……Zoomie needs to do what is best for him and his family. I trust that he has and will make the right decision.



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11 comments to Patriot Rising is closing down….

  • Rick

    Thankful that you are out there “sounding the clarion call”, as it were, and hope you continue to do so. . . . . but watch your back- and your loved ones’ too. We are in for some rough weather- wonder what Haley will do? Might be worth a column sometime. . . . for that matter, what will the County Sheriffs do? I think Wright in Spartanburg will stand, not so sure about Loftis here in Greenville. . . .

  • Irish-7

    I hope it is not the case, but the very first thing that I thought of was that he was threatened by forces beyond his ability to oppose. I consider this frequently as we question the motives and actions of our current leaders. Now, we are certainly not revolutionaries. But, power corrupts. Right and wrong does not influence the evil ones. I feel that the biggest problem that we face is ignorance. Not is a sense of rude, inconsiderate behavior. More so to mean that the average American does NOT know what is really going on. The Main Stream Media leans to the left, thus twisting the truth about the issues to support the liberal agenda. This is a very difficult wall to climb. I hope and pray we have the strength and conviction to pursue justice and the truth. God Save The Republic!

  • D.

    I took a look at the site and it is something that should and will be missed. I can undestand his reasoning. His personal security (and family) should come first. Any time we speak out against Government abuse we are all putting ourselves at risk. We must each make that decision and the price we are willing to pay, ourselves. D.

  • Zoomie

    D and all who have either commented here, left comments on Patriot Rising, or have sent me an e-mail offline,

    I appreciate your understanding and encouragement. I know taking the site down may seem like an extremely drastic measure but several things occurred that did make me scratch my head. I still haven’t been able to put all the pieces together yet but felt the prudent thing to do was to step away for a while and rethink how I can continue to get the word out without sacrificing security.

    If there is any doubt in anybody’s mind, the movement against Patriotic Americans by our own government is in overdrive. One does not have to be some kind of conspiracy nut to see it. It’s out in the open and in your face every day.

    As D pointed out, by being vocal, we do expose ourselves to increased monitoring and scrutiny and thus, we must all at least keep that in the back of our minds. For the sake of our Republic, we cannot stop what we are doing but must remain mindful.

    I’ll be back eventually, just need to back away for a bit. Thanks again!

    In Liberty,

  • Not a good omen, not good news either. :(
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  • Monty Lynch

    Nothing pisses me off more than rat-bastards messing with good men!
    God’s speed sir.


  • John Gault

    Who among us has not noticed over the past 10 years (and especially over the last 4) the shift in our nations psyche, the change in it’s collective view of itself. It seems not that long ago when I never would have thought that NDAA would have been so cozily excepted. Or that Fedgov would design and initiate a media campaign encouraging us to spy on our neighbors… and report suspicious behavior. Or that Fedgov would spend billions to create collection and fusion centers throughout the country capable of mass surveillance on a mind-boggling scale and with the ability to record and analyze every phone call you make, every text message you send or receive and every website you visit. How the collectivists among us would so gleefully group others together (as they always want to do) into hate groups…. that now include those who consider themselves -Constitutional Patriots-. We are turning “Orwellian” whether the masses have the awareness to understand matters little now, any attempts at showing them our new realities and you will quickly be keyholed as a hater, an infidel and an enemy of the state. I have zero doubt that if our founding fathers could visit us today, they would be both amazed at how far we’ve come and disgusted by how far we’ve allowed ourselves to drift.

  • Tim

    Yes we need as many voices as possible and it still AMAZES me the number of people I talk to who think everything is just fine!!! I certainly hope that the patriots in this country are the majority, but if the election is any indication (of course I’m sure something illegal or crooked was done during it) we are in for some rough (putting it mildly) roads!

  • Really? Ya’ll gonna be in deep when things go down. Follow your false profit and see whats up.

  • My guess is that the reason they are taking down the site is because they are thinking that Obama’s homeland security or FBI is coming after them. Stand up and be men and don’t let the left-wing Communists in Washington make you go underground. We all need all the help we can get in the fight for the life of this country as we know it.