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The Preparedness Review #4 is now available… download!


I recently received notice that the Fourth installment of The Preparedness Review is now available for download.

TPR4 is a collection of 17 articles and 1 Bug Out template in a small 3.45mb downloadable PDF. Articles are written by a variety bloggers and cover such topics as Coffee, Mylar, Wound Infections, Being Frugal, Urban Hunting….and much more.

To get your own copy of this latest release visit

Oh by the way

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We have all heard of “BOB” bug out bag, “GHB” get home bag, “GOOD” get out of dodge bag, and about a dozen”other” types of bag. Each member of my family has a “INCH” bag, (I’m Never Coming Home).

Why an INCH bag, when I live in a rural area, on top of a mountain with a good water source? Our bug out location is our home, family members from other states will be

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NEW Facebook page


Hello all –

Check out the new official Facebook page.

I post a variety of news items and special deals that are not published anywhere else. I would really appreciate it if you are a Facebook user if you would “Like” us and “Share” to spread the word.




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Why Choose An Authorized Home Generator Dealer


There are a lot of places you can go to buy a new home generator — big box retailers, Internet wholesalers, even your Uncle Jeb who swears his works “just fine.” But for such a big investment, which option is best?

Well, truth is that none of those are where you’d want to look in order to buy your home generator. Instead, by purchasing your generator from an authorized home generator

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Who am I?


Please allow me to introduce myself,

My father was born as a subject to the King of England. He survived the Battle of Britain and watched daily as bombers flew over his home on their way to drop bombs. Early in the war by the Nazi’s bombing London and then later, when the Allies bombed Germany. After the war my father’s parents moved their family to the United States of America. In America

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Initial Evaluation: New Frontier LW-15 Polymer AR Lower


Several weeks ago I received a New Frontier LW-15 polymer lower for testing – and to build another AR. I know many may scoff at the use of polymer in an AR lower – much the same way traditionalists rolled their eyes at this new plastic gun that came out years ago – called a “Glock”. That plastic gun turned out to be OK. I was originally attracted to the New Frontier due to their

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The “Almost” EMP Proof Vehicle



There is a lot of hype and talk about what type of critical emergency we will face in the future with a check list or “to do” list for everyone. Included is the possibility of an EMP, not only from our countries enemies but also from a super solar flair from our sun. It is my understanding that at that time the electrical grid in the US will go down and stay down, cell

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I live in a suburban neighborhood that doesn’t allow chickens or rabbits, but I decided that I wanted a homestead survival garden at least to grow some of my own food. I don’t plan on becoming a total vegetarian, but want to provide some plant protein and vitamins for my family during a grid-down situation.

I read all the books on small gardens and asked my local feed stores for help


Share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge


Warm up those keyboards folks! The current ModernSurvivalOnline Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest started March 15th and continues through May 15th. Have a guest post you want to enter? Send in to emergencycd(at)

Some great prizes are lined up – this is looking to be the biggest ever!!


Prize List

First Place will receive:

Inergy has donated their “Lion” Ultralight, Portable Lithium Power System including a 20 watt semi-flexible

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Review: Armasight SPARK (CORE) night vision monocular


Right up front let me say that night vision, since its inception, has probably been the greatest force multiplier ever developed for the common fighting man. It is almost cheating, it gives such and advantage to those so equipped, either in defense on a perimeter or out actively patrolling.

Any level of night vision capability is going to give you a great advantage at night over those who do not

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….On protecting yourself


No, not guns, knives or slingshots. Your second skin. If you have gained a few years and are well beyond that young, dumb and immortal era…and now just dumb, here are a few items to consider protecting your hide. GOGGLES: There are some great deals on Mil surplus goggles as well as civilian sport goggles out there. If the lead, concrete and wood chips are flying you are going to want to protect

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REMINDER: NEW ModernSurvivalOnline Facebook Page


I have recently launched the NEW ModernSurvivalOnline Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook user – no problem. If you are please visit the page HERE and Like and Share the page, and let me know what you think.

I am excited with this new way to interact with like-minded folks. Using the MSO Facebook as a portal, visitors can see recent important news, preparedness information from around the internet, participate in giveaways,

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4 Foot Gardening Guide……worth the money



Hello all –

Like me you have probably come across one of those “video advertisements” that try to scare the crap out of you and then sell you something. The vast majority of times I click out of these types of ads and move on to something else. Recently I came across one of these ads on small area gardening and watched it all the way through – and for $7 bucks I

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….On grid down laundry


This is the first of a series of gear reviews that I will be leisurely doing. Due to the nature of our 16 person retreat, I have collected a lot of really cool useful gear. I will share my experiences and opinion of them here, as well as the price and a source if I can remember it. D.

One of the many skills that will be necessary during a prolonged

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VIDEO: Watch This Incredible Long-Range Rifle Shot From Nearly 1.5 Miles Away




The Panhandle Rancher speaks……Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please


Essentials of Prepping: Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please


Politics, a word made dirty by too many of our elected officials, by desperate office holders seeking to do anything, make any promise, make any compromise, in order ‘keep their jobs’ and get re-elected.

Like our ‘progressive’ income tax where each pays ‘his fair share,’ government has the reward system backwards. I would limit every elected position

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Three years, thousands of rounds, and lots of fun – the S&W M&P15-22 Carbine


Three years ago I bought my Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 and have enjoyed it ever since. In fact -I am planning to buy another. This semi-automatic, magazine fed, AR-clone has served me well. I have found it to be accurate and extremely reliable.

When thinking back to the many times I have shot the M&P15-22 the first thing that comes to mind is accuracy. I have never mounted an optic so the original

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TRUTH: It is time to mourn a friend…..



An Obituary printed in the London Times…..Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

– Knowing when to come in out of the rain; –

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Emergency Essentials sale almost over……


Emergency Essentials is a legend in the preparedness industry. They have been supplying emergency preparedness supplies to concerned individuals for years offering not only great products and prices – but excellent customer service as well. I am very glad to have them as a sponsor here on ModernSurvivalOnline.

Every month they offer up some great products with special sales and promotions. This month is no different.

Here are a few of their sale items:

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Review: Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 .22LR Semi-Auto


This post originally appeared back in May of 2011. I will be posting an UPDATE tomorrow on how my M&P15-22 has performed over the past three years. The original review can be seen HERE. – Rourke

I love the .22LR .

Over the years I have had a variety of .22LR pistols and rifles. From the Ruger Mk II pistol to a Squire Bingham M16R – I have shot

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REVIEW: Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In AR-15 Trigger

I have owned my Stag Model 2L for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Modification have consisted of some furniture upgrades, optics – and that is about it. I recently came across a review on the Hiperfire line of AR aftermarket triggers and became very intrigued. I contacted the company and they agreed to send me their HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In Trigger for evaluation.

Yes – I received the Hipertouch 25 Trigger at no

Continue reading REVIEW: Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH 24 Drop-In AR-15 Trigger Sale on Mountain House foods


Just got word is having a special sale on Mountain House freeze dried foods from April 20th through till the 26th. All #10 cans are 25% off while the pouches and buckets are 15% off. Looking to stock up? Now would be a good time.

For more details visit





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News you NEED to know…..

survival, news, preparedness, SHTF, TSHTF, economy,

The news is presented in an effort to provide information related to current events that may effect our lives in one way or another. Government intrusion and its efforts to demean the United States Constitution are often highlighted. Other news which may be related in one way or another to the many reasons we prepare are also showcased in an effort to keep you informed….and possibly motivated.

Another installment

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Building your own gun for SHTF

De Leon Ghost-Gun

In prepping there are few things more important than protecting the lives of yourself and your loved ones. It’s your duty to ensure their safety by any means necessary even in the toughest of times. As a prepper you probably own a firearm (or several) as a means of defense for you and your family.

What happens however, when the government comes to take away your guns? How will you protect the

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