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From super news correspondent Valerie:


In light of Rourke’s post about rising food prices, I thought I’d find a few related articles. I myself have also noticed a significant increase in prices on some items, like sugar (4 lbs ON SALE for $2.49) and peanut butter (was 9.97 for the huge container, now $13.47), and small increases or packaging changes on others.


Rising food costs to push global inflation up.


Rising prices cut packaged food sales.


Prices up for generic brands.


Eat healthy on a budget.


Now for some regular news:


Russia urges Israel not to attack Iran.


Florida gas prices already close to $6 in some areas. (But not everywhere!!)


Raw milk dangerous . . . guess the Feds won’t have to worry about us cow owners if TSHF . . . we’ll all die from our deadly milk.


Pelosi’s comments on rising gas prices.


Have a good weekend!



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