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News you should know……….

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From prepper newsgirl Valerie…….It’s the Thursday edition of news!


Israel and Iran tensions heat up another notch.


US-Iran war inevitable?


World Bank pres to step down.


China reduces holdings of US treasuries.


Sarkozy to seek reelection.


Lunchroom monitors in full force. (And don’t think this is isolated. My kid’s teacher told me the other day that she noticed he hadn’t been eating all of his sandwich for the past few days–she was watching what he was eating. The kids have to punch in a number in the lunchroom to indicate if they are eating school lunches or lunches from home. He had leftover pizza Monday, and I fully expected to hear about it, and this was before this kid’s lunch fiasco. The Pre-K he attended required him to eat a school lunch–lunches from home were banned!)


March 2011 earthquake in Japan only the beginning?


Warning signs of impending economic collapse.


Living off the grid sounds pretty good . . . or pretty scary if it’s your only option.



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