New Survival Magazine…..COMPLETE SURVIVALIST

I received a message on my Facebook page of a new survival & preparedness magazine coming out – and the ability to get the PREMIERE ISSUE Free.

Just follow this link: – you do have to pay for the shipping – $1.76. Also – you have to agree that if you like the first issue – you will pay for a full subscription or call to cancel. I hope I like the first issue!

Looks interesting…….


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2 Responses to “New Survival Magazine…..COMPLETE SURVIVALIST”

  1. bill rutledge says:

    have you sent the magazines yet?

  2. Rourke says:

    I am not the publisher – merely reporting on its publication.

    Going to the offical website – I found the following information:

    Premier Issue Features: The Only True Currency in a Post-Collapse World, Surviving in the Free State, Down to Nothing: Finding Food When You’re Desperate, On Survivalism – Preparedness – and Self-Reliance, Homeschooling: A Family Matter, What Are You Gonna Do About a Nuclear Threat or Device, Antibiotics: Why You Should Store Them and How to Get Them Without a Prescription, Lone Wolf Syndrome, plus Book Review: American Apocalypse; The Beginning, and more! Official Ship Date: 12/2/10…