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Mountain House Foods SALE and giveaway…..

Emergency Essentials, a leading supplier of survival and preparedness products has a great sale going on the month of June while supplies last.


All Mountain House #10 cans of freeze dried foods are discounted 20-25%. Mountain House is the largest and most reputable manufacturer of long-term freeze dried foods. A staple of many prepper’s – freeze dried food can keep 25 years of more. Ideal for long-term as well as short-term preparations.


From Beef Stew to Strawberry’s – Emergency Essentials offers a wide assortment of Mountain House foods and due to this sale – many are deeply discounted.


One of my very favorite freeze dried foods from Mountain House is their Scrambled Eggs with Bacon.  I am getting ready to write a full review of this selection which is great to take backpacking or camping.


Mountain House Giveaway!!!!

In celebration of this special sale Emergency Essentials along with ModernSurvivalOnline is giving away one(1) #10 can of Scrambled Eggs and Bacon.



How do you win?

Easy – just leave a comment on this post right here. I will randomly select a winner in 3 days. What to say? Whatever you want! How about what your favorite freeze dried food is or food storage item?


Good luck!!



64 comments to Mountain House Foods SALE and giveaway…..

  • Brenda

    Thanks for all the great information on this site! I’m just getting started with prepping. If I win this will be the first item in my pantry!

  • Lee from La

    Haven’t eaten a lot of freeze dried food, but recently started storing food at our home.
    Thanks for the site.

  • Amy

    I haven’t tried any of the Mountain House products yet! I do love the Broccoli Cheese soup from Thrive though.

  • Raptor medic

    Do they have freeze dried beer? I guess it would be like powderd beer. either way im thirsty.
    Stay Frosty!

  • Alex D

    hello :))

  • connie richardson

    I would love to try the bacon and eggs

  • alexandra day

    I have yet to try one I like yet. But I have only tried ice cream sandwiches and beans and rice but the rice had some kind of lime and I think that was the problem.

  • Grannytraveler

    I have never tried the eggs but MH Chili Mac is a camping staple for us. The grandkids and adults love it.

  • Phil Tabakaru

    I like Eggs…

  • Josh Wilmoth

    My family enjoyed the Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice recently and loved it!

  • Randy

    Mountain House is my go to long term outdoor food. When I go camping, or backpacking, I know I can rely on MH to taste good, and provide the calories needed to keep me going. I want to win, because what better food to have as a backup, then one that you already like!?! All they need now is some canned bacon, and they will win over everyone!

  • Murphy

    I LOVE bacon and really enjoy eggs! Pick me to receive this yummy treat! Thanks! Murphy

  • Ole Gunderson

    I like the freeze dried strawberry’s, potato chunks and the egg powder.

  • Ani Fronek

    Ive just discovered Mtn House and was quite happily surprised. I too love the breakfast pouches. My favorite is the scrambled eggs, ham and peppers, but 2nd is the scrambled eggs and bacon. Definitely send me one my way and it’ll be loved. :)
    I also been menaing to get the 5-pktcooker system they have ~ for my BOB. Emergency Essentials has some really good prices. Ive got in my wish list there …a wheat grinder I want to get and a katadyn hiker pro. All pending fund availabiltiy, but hopefully soon to round out my long term storage and survival plan. Peace. Ani

  • benjammin

    I want a shot at winning the prize. I like freeze dried peaches. They were the first freeze dried product I ever ate, the first time I ever went into a cave, and when they rehydrated it was as if I was eating a fresh peach. I never knew it could be like that. Freeze dried food is well worth the cost, considering it’s portability, longevity, and finished quality. In Baghdad, it was a pleasant alternative to the MREs and the DFAC chow we ate more often.

  • Paul

    Hope that Mountain House will extend a similar offer through their UK distributors. Looking forward to your review on the Scrambled Eggs with Bacon.

  • Bill

    sounds like a great sale. Thanks for offering readers the opportunity to get some great food for a great price.

  • artemidorus

    My favorite is not really a survival food, more of a snack: freeze-dried strawberries! I enjoy your column and read it daily.

  • buddy

    I like the Mountain House “vegetables for stew” as it is so versatile. You can use it as it is, or in a true “grid down” situation anything you can catch or shoot can be added to it for a even more complete nutrious meal. Add to that the fact it stores well, tastes good, is easy to prepare, & needs just water to make it complete. Mountain House “vegtables for stew” is my favorite & can’t be beat.

  • Curt L

    One of my favorite food storage items is the “Harvester 72” can food rotation shelving system. It stores regular sized cans, larger cans and #10 cans. I have also added the side shelves for dry goods (boxed and freeze dried foods) and water containers. The unit helps you “Eat what you store.” and “Store what you eat.”

  • Sheltb

    Mountain House food is good.

  • WV scout

    Have used Mountain House foods before on extended camping trips. Very easy to fix and tasted pretty good. The wife even likes it.

  • Karen

    If you plan to do a lot of baking and cooking for your family, it’s worthwhile to purchase baking powder and cornstarch in #10 cans, and keep two in your kitchen pantry (one opened, and one unopened). Rotate and repurchase when neeeded. No need to purchase salt, etc., as these can be bought in bulk locally.

  • ocasusosr

    My favorite Mountain House freeze dried food is “BEEF STEW”
    It is great , when cooking let it sit a little longer than recommended for the meat to fully reconstitute and your in business.
    Please enter me into the “MOUNTAIN HOUSE GIVEAWAY”
    Thank You
    Octavio Casuso

  • doug in arkansas

    Mountain House? The BEST freeze dried food you can get, period.

  • I hope I win. Money has been tight and I’ve fallen behind on building up my food stores..

  • Lynda

    I would like to win this freeze dried food. I do my own gardening, dehydrating, canning and freezing. I have over two years of food storage. My plan will be to store a years worth of freeze dried food…this give-away would be a great start.

  • Lynda

    oops…transposed my email address…sorry!

  • city homesteader

    Would love to try my hand at winning..Thanks for posting this

  • maggi

    i would love to win this prep. i have been storing up alot lately but not breakfast……sounds good to me.

  • Brian

    love this food. have ordered before, and tried it. good taste for frz-dried. am ordering more…

  • Harry

    Too much sodium for my taste (heart, blood pressure, kidneys. etc), so if you pick me send it to one of the folks who have mentioned prepping on a shoestring budget.

    Today’s prayer:
    O Lord,
    So far today, I’ve done as the Good Book says,
    I haven’t broken any Commandments or the Golden Rule,
    I haven’t sinned or otherwise disturbed the tranquility of your day,
    however; I have just awoken, am about to get out of bed, and in so doing I am absolutely certain I will need your indulgence to get through the rest of the day.

  • Borderreiver

    It’s got to be better than MRE eggs

  • Jennifer

    Betty Boughter but some butter but she said the butters bitter. If I buy a bit of better butter and put it in my batter will it make my batter better? So she bought a bit of better butter and put it in her batter but it made her batter worse. =)

  • eric berg

    Hi Rourke,
    I think your breakfast give away is a great idea. i don’t know why, but i’ve always put back lunch and dinner meals in the larder. for some reason i always think i can skip breakfast if the shtf. if i win, and like it well then i will vow to put some back.
    thanks for this web site, eric

  • Ken

    We’re new to the use of Mountain House and made our first order yesterday.
    We’re anxious to taste the products, to determine for ourselves the viability
    of the products and whether we’ll be able to handle a new way of food preparation ?

  • JeSter


  • celestte

    Are there any freeze dried products, such as Mountain House #10 cans or pouches, without salt? I like most of the Mountain House products but I have relatives that are on a low sodium diet because of high blood pressure. I store some Mountain House but mostly I have bulk foods such as rice and beans.

  • Kevin Harden

    Favorite storage item, besides water and peanut butter…Canned Chili.

  • bob

    Hey, MRE’s get pretty old after a few days, diversity in your menu will make eating a simple pleasure.

  • Mike Murphy

    I just subscribed recemtly,looks like a great site. I am just about ready to branch out into freeze dried foods in my food supply. I just have a few more things to acquire, but it looks like I will have to put them on hold with the Mountain House sale.

  • matt douglas

    I love the scrambled eggs. Reminds me of the military :)

  • ky

    I love the granola w/ blueberries and milk! The eggs and bacon are delicious as well:)

  • Keith

    mmmmmm scrambled eggs and bacon….yum yum

  • Stacey Cockrell

    I haven’t tried the Mountain House line of products yet. I have been dehydrating veggies from our garden this year.

  • steve Albrecht

    I like to store small caned hams.Scrambled eggs and bacon are one of my favs also

  • Hoagy

    Haven’t tried MH yet, but just bought a dehydrator for jerky…and soon fruit as the wife tried some freeze-dried fruit and loved it! [At $1 per 1 oz pouch it is too expensive to buy individually locally, but hopefully MH’s prices are better]. Thanks for all the interesting articles here!

  • Great website, great food. I like to try the scrambled eggs and bacon on the cold mornings up here in Alaska, and I’m not talking about the winter mornings, we still have snow in the yard from last winter and we are getting ready to go camping (a good time to practice skills and such.

  • Fiona

    Thanks for all the great info you provide us with on this blog. I really do enjoy your posts. I’ve never tried any of the Mountain House products. Hopefully I will be able to soon.

  • Wow a lot of people want those scrambled eggs! Well i want them too! My group and i make an Emergency Essentials order every month and it has been a great benefit to all of us. The monthly “group buy” useally has something we want and that get’s us free shipping. Then once we have free shipping we order a couple of other items on top of that.

    +1 for free #10 can.

  • KuHawaiian

    We love mountain house breakfast skillet

  • soldierdad

    Mountain House scrambled eggs with bacon is SURE to be way better than cheese omelet MRE’s.

  • SouthernAZ

    Always happy to have more Mountain House! We tried the granola with blueberries and milk recently — it is amazingly good!

  • Mike burton

    I would rather eat the great food offered here than scroung for scraps later.

  • sean

    Making pheasant jerky tomorrow. Mountain House lasts 25 years so I’d like to have some on hand. Thanks!

  • Jibbs

    Hey Rourke,
    We just wanted to let you that we have tried several Mountain House products, the Chile Mac, Lasagna w/meat sauce and the Chicken breast w/mashed potato’s. I give all of them a thumbs up!

    We have also tried several other brands including Lindon Farms, Yoders, and Wise Foods. Mountain House is a little more expensive, but the taste is superior to others.

    I do have to admit, I like Yoders bacon strips and they taste great on anything you put them on ( fresh cheese burgers from the grill with onions, lettuce and tamato) tastee!
    We just ordered the sample pack from Gofoods Global and can’t wait to try it. We will let you know how they taste.

    Thanks for all your great links, information and dedication to helping us all to be a little more prepared.

    Robert & Jeanette

    • Rourke

      Robert & Jeanette –

      I also have a trial pack from GoFoods and will be trying it soon and reporting here,



  • Jenni

    I love this site!! Have been having a blast experimenting with my dry foods to create every day convinence food (think rice-a-roni, etc) with less sodium and preservatives. I love all I’ve tried so far.

  • Homer

    Howdy, Did you ever get your refrigeration issue solved regarding your sons insulin?

  • Bill

    ALways good to be prepared. Thanks for the information and the opportunity to win.

  • Burt Gummer

    My family loves the Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. I do believe they could live on it exclusively.
    #10 cans are good for family/squad meals. We use the pro packs a lot.

  • Libby

    My husband and I recently tried one of our freebie’s from Wise that I ordered a while back. The Fettuccine Alfredo was actually quite delicious and even more so after adding some organic broccoli and chicken. Plus it made enough for 2 people to have 3 large portions. 😉 We haven’t tried Mountain House yet but it’s next on the list.

  • Hard Times are coming! We all need to prepare. Freeze dried foods are great. Just remember that you need water to use them.