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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

- Thomas Jefferson


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Survival DVD


Disaster & Emergency Preparedness PC DVD

This new DVD is menu-driven which allows easy access to the vast amounts of information available. All information is fully printable.

Terrorism, economic breakdown, hurricanes, massive power outage, crime waves, tornado, floods, world war, earthquake, crime waves, nuclear war……  Will You Be Ready?

Subjects Covered –

General Survival Information

Nuclear War/Civil Defense


Weapons/Defensive Information


Food/Water Storage

First Aid/Medical

Emergency Power

Information Video’s Covering a Wide Range of Topics


Suggested Websites with Links

When the DVD is placed into your DVD drive in your PC – the content menu automatically starts and displays several options. You can select a category as listed above or possibly watch a short video related to readiness/preparedness in the United States that will play within the menu. It’s simple!!

Nothing could be simpler then clicking on the category and then clicking on the item you wish to look at.

Screen Shot from the Survival & Disaster Preparedness DVD Main Menu

From this menu can select from the ever growing list of categories – which will take you to the exact menu-based page with information based on that particular category.

Although a little fuzzy – the screenshot above shows an example of a category specific page.

Why Prepare?

The need to prepare is absolutely real.

Disasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Each disaster having a lasting effect both on people and property.

With the world economy in a serious downward spiral – standard preparations for disasters will leave those that prepare much better to handle economic struggles than those that do not prepare.

If a disaster strikes your community, local government and disaster-relief organizations will try to help you – but you need to ready as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their attention elsewhere.

You should know how to respond to any disaster or severe weather that may occur in your area – tornado’s, extreme heat or cold, hurricanes, flooding, ice storms, etc.

You should also be ready to be self-sufficient for at least 3 days – this may mean providing your own shelter, food, water, first aid – as well as sanitation.

ice storm survival

Are you prepared for future events? What will you and your family do when a major disaster strikes? What will happen when those with nothing come and knock on your door to take what you have?

Economic Disaster. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Terrorism. World War. Civil War. Civil Unrest. Dirty Nukes. Social Breakdown. Massive Unemployment. Invasion. Crime Waves. Nuclear War.

This DVD contain’s information that can help you and your family prepare for the worst.


Jericho, nuclear terrorism

Technical Information

This DVD is set to run on Autostart when inserted into your DVD drive – make sure that your system has autostart turned on (most system’s have this turned on unless you have shut it off).

Instructions are included in-case the DVD does not autostart.


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