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Looking for retreat property?



Looking for some retreat property? Well – check out Two properties are currently for sale.

Here is the lowdown:

The first 5 acre offers views and a pure mountain creek with rainbow trout. Brand new 850 sf. cabin shell has decks front and back, windows  loft, doors and a key to unlock the many adventures in area. Cabin can be finished by owner or the seller can complete the cabin, electrical, plumbing, septic, and interior walls. Whatever the new owner wishes to have completed.  The purchase price is only $99K.



The second 5 acre has breathtaking views; to east the Silver Peak Range, northwest to Tonopah, south Fish Lake Valley and 

White Mountain (14th highest peak in the lower 50 states. This lot is on a dead end road with a backyard as National Forest. Pad and drive are already complete. Price is $39K.

As  an investment or retirement property, this acreage offers boundless opportunities. 
Click HERE for more information

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3 comments to Looking for retreat property?

  • Rourke,

    These properties both look very nice and feature some very desirable qualities for a retreat property. The greatest disadvantage that I see is that the first property is located in California which is low on the list of places to live for many people because of the excessive regulation and legislation that is in effect in the state. Regardless of the laws though it is hard not to look at that ad and not picture myself pulling trout out of that stream!


  • DrSique

    It was my impression that both properties are located in Nevada. Maybe that will inspire you to buy.

  • Paintedgraywolf

    I’m looking for more off grid…that’s why I just moved the Pack to Maine.