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Like Westerns? Check this out…….


True Story Of Kill Or Be Killed In The Real Old West If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to strap on a six-gun in the real Old West and have a face-off-in-the-street gunfight where only the fastest gunslinger walks away – – then this recently discovered memoir by one of the Old West’s most feared (but virtually unknown today) gunfighter’s and lawmen puts you behind a pair of Colt .45 six-guns and immerses you in what it was like to live and die in the real Wild West. 


But, you won’t find this fascinating story in any of today’s western history encyclopedias or glorified in the movies or on TV. But, you will find it at:

I love old westerns and am in the process of getting together all of Clint Eastwood’s old westerns in DVD. If you like westerns like I do – you should check out this one-of-a-kind book with great details from the old west.


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2 comments to Like Westerns? Check this out…….

  • what are your 3 favorite westerns???
    Mine are :
    1. Outlaw Josie Wales
    2. Tombstone (with kurt Russel and Val Kilmer as the best Doc Holiday ever)
    3. Rio bravo with John Wayne and Dean martin

  • Rourke

    The TinMan –

    Mine are all Eastwood Flicks lead by The Outlaw Josie Wales. I like Pale Rider too.