Ideal long term homestead, survival property and/or retreat location for sale

Interested in non-domestic retreat property? This looks interesting…… Rourke


Ideal long term homestead, survival property and/or retreat location!


By owner – This land has the ideal features of a survival property and at the same time is the ultimate home and/or retreat location, in a socially and financially stable country such as Costa Rica, in a sought -after and dreamed-of location such as the Caribbean.

Seclusion, food production, plenty of water from its own water springs permits of exploitation and defensive characteristics are key aspects of this site. This property potentially offers several commercial income sources that could supplement the owner’s income.

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  • 230 acres of virtually virgin land, on top of a series of hills, completely surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest with non-motorized restricted private access.
  • One large creek, several sweet-water springs all over the property.
  • Hundreds of fruit trees already planted in the property.
  • Land available for organic agriculture.
  • Stunning ocean views.


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  • Two miles from the nearest village of Hone Creek and from medical facilities.
  • Six miles from some of the best Caribbean beaches of Central America.



  • Private access road, only 4×4 vehicles allowed. Property entrance 1/2 mile from public paved road.
  • No other access to the property.
  • Gated entrance.



  • 1 two story house with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths
  • 1 lodge with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths
  • 10 cottages each with private bathroom
  • A 50 bed total capacity.
  • 1 large building with fully equipped kitchen, used right now as a restaurant.
  • Two large meeting/conference rooms
  • 1 massage parlor
  • 2 sheds, one laundry room and one office.
  • All the facilities above mentioned are with furnishing.
  • Septic systems



  • Abundant Water from the property and water distribution systems
  • Rain water collection and storage system in place.
  • Electricity.


Commercial venues/income sources:

  • The facilities in the property are currently operating (since 1997) as vacation eco tourism retreat, all commercial permits and taxes up to date.

  • Highly trained staff both for land maintenance and hotel running, including security personnel available to join new owners.
  • A very few acres of the land are divided into small parcels that can be sold with corresponding property title IN CONDOMINIUM TYPE OWNERSHIP. Multi-family occupancy of this property, if desired and/or real estate business.

The reason why this property is for sale is because us, the four owners (Italian and Spanish) are returning to their home countries due to family reasons that would make it very difficult to keep maintaining this large property.


The value of the land, buildings and running businesses is way above the asking price of $ 1,200,000.00.

We worked on this property for 20 years and it is set up to be self-sufficient and safe. We accept offers. It is a beautiful spot, don’t miss this opportunity!






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  1. what an idyllic situation…in my dreams, perhaps…Like many others, living paycheck to paycheck…kills me that at my age, I am still at that…I wanted a refuge a long time ago, and life got in the way, so i do what i can…

  2. I am ready to bail just like you grammyprepper. Since 2008 I have watched everything I have worked for go away. ObamaCare being force down my throat and if I can’t afford it, IRS thugs come after me and then a Federal Lien will be placed on what little I have left and they take it.
    I have served my Country 40 years and now the enemy is from with in CONUS. There is no difference in those people in the House and Senate.

    Time to play the lottery and if I win Granny, pack your bags, your coming with me.

    God forgive Amerika,

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