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If you enjoy this website and would like to support it – it is very simple and easy: Often articles will have links pointing to products over at If you click on any of these links and make a purchase – any purchase – ModernSurvivalOnline will receive a small percentage of the sale.

This purchase costs absolutely no more – zero – zilch – nada – than if you went to Amazon directly rather than entering via MSO.

Amazon has excellent selection, prices, and customer service.  I order from Amazon at least monthly and purchase things like CR123 batteries, books, knives, firearm accessories, and even vacuum cleaner bags.

So – if you are buying stuff online this Holiday season and you plan to visit Amazon – I would appreciate it if you would click on an link here first and help support our efforts.

 I will post up a reminder in a couple weeks. Thanks!!



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  1. Will do my friend, I usually build up a 1500 cart of preps a couple times a year, next time I’ll go through your site and reload cart

  2. I have been opening MSO, going to the store, then clicking on Amazon. But, if I use the link you provided above, I can skip all those steps? This will credit you automatically? I am dumb with electronic media…….

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