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Guest Post Contest winners………


Although guest post submissions were down for this last contest – the quality was great. Quite a variety of topics were covered which I hope benefited many. I wish I could give everyone that submitted an entry something – unfortunately my money tree has not been producing lately. 


It was tough, but had to be done. Here are the results…….


1st Place: THE UN-THOUGHT OF by D.



2nd Place: Emergency Communications by Jim – KC5DOV



3rd Place: Layering your Weapons by Brett Gould

 In addition to the above article – Bret also published the following excellent pieces: Reality in Everyday Carry, Give Me a Hand Someone, and A Few Thoughts of Bret Gould.


4th Place:  The Ultimate Bug Out/In Vehicle: How an RV Can Save Your Family in an Emergency by Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing



5th Place: Bugging Out………Digitally! by Gary Hines


I will be in touch with the winners soon to arrange delivery of the prizes. Next contest? Not sure – but think I am going to do something a little different.



Prize Summary


Grand Prize includes:

Dr Bones and Nurse Amy: Medium Trauma Bag (value $219 plus $15 shipping) and a Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook (value $35 plus $3 shipping) for a total of  $272.00!!


Grizzly Fire Starters:  Grizzly Survival Fire and  Stove ($37.95), along with a Grizzly Mini Survival Heater ($27.95) and to round this package out a  100 pack of fire starters ($119.00). Grand total is $184.90!!

 and also………..

Ready Made ResourcesCase of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. Value approx $124.00!!


and concluding the Grand Prize package……

Prepper Press -Prepper Press is providing ANY 5 books that they publish. Your choice!!


2nd PLACE –

Deadwood Stove Company is awarding the 2nd Place Winner with a…yup, you guessed it….A Deadwood Stove!!!!

Emergency Essentials: New! Mountain House Just In Case……. Classic Assortment Bucket ($70 value)

3rd PLACE – – Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Bucket ($80 value) – CardSharp knife and a FrogLube Kit (FrogLube Kit – 4 oz Paste, 4 oz Liquid, Microfiber Cloth, Application Brush)


4th PLACE – Author Max Velocity is providing a copy of each of his books:

Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations


5th Place – Emergency EssentialsNew! Kitchen Fire Extinguisher.  3” x 10”, fights flammable liquid and electrical fires, $20.00 value

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