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There are not many positive things that I can say about the Federal Government nowadays. I just recently discovered free emergency preparedness training provided online by FEMA. This “free” training of course is paid for by US Tax Dollars that you and I pay – so why not take advantage of it?

From the FEMA Independent Study Program website:

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers self-paced courses designed for people who have emergency management responsibilities and the general public. All are offered free-of-charge to those who qualify for enrollment. To get a complete listing of courses, click on Course List link above.

FEMA’s Independent Study Program offers courses that support the nine mission areas identified by the National Preparedness Goal.

  • Incident Management
  • Operational Planning
  • Disaster Logistics
  • Emergency Communications
  • Service to Disaster Victims
  • Continuity Programs
  • Public Disaster Communications
  • Integrated Preparedness
  • Hazard Mitigation


Some of the courses available include Radiological Emergency Management, An Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals, and Emergency Planning.

It appears new courses are introduced regularly.

For more information – you can visit the main FEMA Independent Study Program page here.


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