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Purifying water with bleach

How to Purifying Water with Bleach (2)

Survival and preparedness is not all about zombies and being all “tacticool”. Often it is as simple as having water that is safe to drink. A well known method for disinfecting water is with common household bleach. Bleach is inexpensive and readily available at any grocery store.

Why bleach? Most municipalities use chlorine as part of their system to sanitize water for human consumption. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in bleach and is

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The Next Large-Scale Crisis to Hit the US & World…


The water crisis in California continues to get worse and worse. Water is likely the most critical and often overlooked prep. The following was originally published HERE over at the Wolf-Fire Firearms Instruction blog.

* * * * * * * * *

by Dave Wolf

As you read the news reports from all over the globe, it’s easy to see the bad news pouring in. There are reports of Jihadist

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Water Consumption is highly underestimated


By Flying Harley

This article is directed to those that choose or for other reasons need to shelter in place. The water requirements for those bugging out vs. sheltering in place are vastly different. The biggest needs of water for sheltering in place are sanitation and food preparation. If you live in the city either large or small your problems are much larger and require a great deal of planning and preparation. Living in a

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Berkey Sport Bottle Review

One item that in the past I was severely lacking was water purification. Due to the expense for water purifying equipment – I relied on having the ability to boil water, add bleach, as well as store extra.

Directive21 recently sent me a Berkey Sport Bottle which I absolutely love.

It is constructed very much like any other water bottle – well, at the least the more expensive models. The

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Panhandle Rancher speaks….Rain Water Harvesting

L1010224 (1)


Our Texas ranch was blessed by the Ogalalla aquifer. Anywhere we drilled to 400 feet, water was found. Windmills and electric pumps provided ample and cheap water.


Those of you who read my scribbles know that my family relocated from Texas recently. One of the places we purchased was on a rural water system. This retreat is in an economically challenged area and shortly after closing, the water coop experienced a pump failure.

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Product Evaluation: Powdered Gatorade



By “The Coach”

(Contributing Editor)

Recently I took my grandsons on a weeklong camping trip. We were going to be camping in a tent, in central Mississippi during the month of June. The weather forecast said that the temperature would be in the mid 90 degree range with 70 to 90 percent humidity all week long.

I learned a long time ago about the importance of staying hydrated. Many years

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Do you need Potable Water stored?



I was speaking to a person I recently met while shopping at an outdoor equipment store. During our conversation the topic turned to storing food and water at home in case of an emergency. This person I was speaking with made the following statement. “I can maybe understand storing some type of food for a few days at home, but why in the world would ever need to store water? We are on our

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Water filtration on a “string”



Here is a very inexpensive water filter experiment I conducted over the past weekend. I was taught this method while serving in the military several years ago and remember it being one of the easiest and most simple methods I know of. All you need for this is two containers and a 1 foot piece of string, cord, or strip of cloth.

Simply place the container of muddy/dirty water at an elevation slightly higher

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Update on West Virginia water contamination problems


Below is an update from Warren who has documented the water contamination issues in West Virginia.

Officially, all of the water has been cleared and most people are once again bathing and cleaning with it, me included. A lot are not drinking it yet however. I suspect that will go on for a long time. The water company president drank a big glassful on tv the other night to prove it is ok but

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First hand account from the West Virginia contaminated zone……


Recently I had “Warren” leave a comment regarding the West Virginia water contamination situation. Realizing that he was smack dab in the middle of the event I reached out to him with some questions and a request to share his experience with readers.

Here is a first hand account from Warren in West Virginia:

I’ll answer your questions as best I can…

How did you handle washing clothes? We were lucky to

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West Virginia water contamination….are you ready?



There has been a developing crisis in West Virginia effecting over 300,000 people across nine counties. Currently the State of West Virginia has declared a state of emergency in these areas due to severe water contamination. Citizens can no longer use tap water to drink, bathe, wash, or cook with.

Grocery stores have had a run on all bottled water sources and shelves emptied out. Tanks of potable(drinkable) have been being brought in to

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Method for gathering water…….

I live in the Southeast and we have gotten a tremendous amount of rain. I looked out my kitchen window and saw an umbrella sitting there in the rain – “BINGO!”

I stuck the umbrella upside down on top of a Home Depot bucket. The simple idea here is to use the surface area of the umbrella to capture falling rain – and allow it to drain into the bucket.


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YouTube Video and a few thoughts on water…….

“Water, water everywhere – not a drop to drink.”

That is a famous saying and when it comes to preparedness, water is certainly on the top 5 list for most of us when it comes to our preps. The thing is – I think most of us tend to “underplan” our water contingencies. We will go out and spend literally thousands of dollars on firearms, magazines, scopes, red dots, and ammunition – and then go

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Guest Post: Water Off the Grid

Water Off the Grid

By Bev


When I was a little girl we used to go visit my great-grandfather, Harry, on his farm in Trout Valley. We would carry buckets of water from the fresh water spring that bubbled out of the base of the bluff in the pasture to the house for drinking and cooking. But my grandmother, Marge, would tell us of a time, when she was a young girl,

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Water isn’t just for drinking……

water art-4

There is so much information and discussion out there on water filtering and purifying. From Berkey’s to Brita’s, to Clorox and boiling – it is an active topic with a lot angles. What I do not see are a lot of discussions on water’s other uses beyond drinking.

Here are a few uses for water –

cooking (yes – I know that is still consumption) washing clothes washing ourselves sanitizing cleaning cooling

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Guest Post: How much water is enough?

by Tom Sciacca

If you like food as much as I do, it’s hard to imagine that our body can actually go weeks without food. It wouldn’t be fun, of course, but it can be done. But without water, our bodies can get into serious trouble quickly – just a matter of days before dehydration can set in. So why is it that many people keep lots of extra food stored in their

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Sponsor Highlight: American Tank Company –

I am very pleased to highlight one of my longtime sponsors – American Tank Company.


Water carries a simply amazing selection of methods to store water. Anyone reading this blog likely knows the critical need for water in a survival situation. The ability to have stored water in bulk could make a huge difference in many situations.



As I mentioned –

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Guest Post: Water, the Key Nutrient

by E.T.


Water (H20) is the main constituent of the body, making up 70-75% of the body’s total composition. It has many functions within the body, including maintenance of the body’s core temperature, helping in digestion (fats and proteins primarily), cushioning / lubricating organs and joints, transporting nutrients, and flushing toxins. The primary biochemical pathways that occur in the cells take place in a water-based medium and involve water as some of

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