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Special sale at Emergency Essentials


Every month Emergency Essentials puts many of their products on sale. Often these highly reduced items can receive even a larger discount when bought in quantities of 6 or more.

Here are a few highlighted items for January - 

Peanut Butter Powder – 44 oz. cans – Regular Price: $16.75

SPECIAL SALE: $13.39 (only $12.99 when ordering 6 or more)







Gourmet Freeze Dried Pet Food with Real Beef – 13 oz – Regular Price: $29.99









Freeze Dried Garden Vegetable Combo  - Regular Price: $46.80


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Twelve Days of Preparedness…..Day Twelve



On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me……


Twelve Holy BiblesEleven Cylume LightsticksTen SOG Tactical TomahawksNine Israeli Battle DressingsEight Preparedness BooksSeven Fresnel LensesSix Trustfire LED FlashlightsFive pairs Mechanix GlovesFour Fishing KitsThree LifeStraw Water FiltersTwo Midland GMRS Radiosand a Cold Steel Recon Tanto in a Condor Assault Pack.   

12 Holy Bibles? Absolutely…..share them!





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Kerosene heater suggestions?


I am in need of picking up a kerosene heater for emergency back up heating in my home. I have checked out the offerings at Wal-Mart and the couple models I have seen were very similar to this model seen HERE on Amazon. I have no experience with kerosene heaters other than staying at my brothers house many years ago and he heated the house with a couple. 

Overall I thought kerosene worked extremely well. I didn’t care for the smell when I first walked in the house but I got used to it and then forgot about it. For

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6 Emergency Items to Keep on Yourself at all Times



by Jordan


The point of prepping is because you never know when something will go wrong. It could be a natural disaster like hurricane Katrina or a blackout. You should always keep a few items on yourself to ensure you’ll be ready for any disaster or storm that comes your way.


Fire Source

It’s always smart to have some sort of fire starter on hand. Example: Lighter, matches, flint… I personally prefer to always carry some flint on my person. Lighters are my second best choice as, unlike matches, they will still work if they get wet.

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REMINDER: Preparedness stuff for Christmas…..




Each year I throw out a few ideas for preparedness items to give away to friends and family…..or maybe even for yourself. Assuming the world doesn’t end prior to Christmas – here is this years line up:


Books: fiction and non-fiction














Misc Preparedness Stuff:


Anyone looking to get themselves something special for Christmas?



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A couple reminders…….


If you haven’t made your way over to BestKnifeDeals.com and BestPreparednessDeals.com give ‘em a shot. Both feature daily deals – Monday thru Friday.

BestKnifeDeals.com features – you guessed it…knives. A wide variety of knives from utility, hunting, pocket and even swords are showcased every day at the nest possible prices.

BestPreparednessDeals.com presents a different preparedness item every day. All kind of stuff like flashlights, batteries, water filters, firearm accessories, food storage products, cooking equipment, books, knives, and more. 

Anyway’s  - check them out and subscribe to receive the daily deals in your email.


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BestPreparednessDeals.com is back!!!

I have a very special announcement……and an invitation.

Today is the official re-launch of a new website that I have started…..BestPreparednessDeals.com.

Like many preppers I have been trying to stock up on various supplies over the past few years. Prior to each purchase I would do a substantial amount of research to get the absolute best price possible. After all – I am on a budget like many others and try to stretch my dollars as far as possible. The purchasing power of the dollar is down while the need to purchase supplies is up. The purpose of BestPreparednessDeals is

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What to do with $1000 right now….

This post was originally published here - http://modernsurvivalonline.com/what-to-do-with-1000-right-now/.


A little while back I read a post over at IfItHitstheFan.com concerning a recommendation on where to spend $900 on survival & preparedness preps.

I love thinking about stuff like this. It is sorta like “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

Back to reality.

There are many people across this great country that are just now seeing the light and beginning there preps. For many of these newcomers the question of where to begin is ever present. Some people are taking things serious and are willing

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Call to Action: August ’13 – Fuel

This is the fourth installment of a monthly series called “Call to Action”. Call to Action (CTA) is a monthly reminder to review one part of your prep’s and strengthen it.

#1 – Food

#2 – Shelter

#3 – Water

Fuel is often overlooked as an essential survival prep. It is not exciting and “cool” like a GLOCK 17 pistol or a Buck Hoodlum knife…..but have none and life will become much more difficult.

Fuel for transportation may become difficult to obtain depending upon the situation at hand. After Hurricane Hugo there was no power within the city or surrounding areas for days. No power equal’s no

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The Top 5 Preparedness Items you MUST own NOW—and cost less than $20.00 each

The Top 5 Preparedness Items you MUST own NOW—and cost less than $20.00 each

People spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest preparedness equipment in their preparations for when the SHTF. Too often the most common sense and inexpensive items are overlooked. 


 Here are the Top 5 Preparedness Items you MUST own NOW—and cost less than $20.00 each.


No excuses.


#1. Matches—Fire provides heat. Fire provides the ability to cook. Fire can boil water. Fire can sanitize medical instruments and provide protection. A lifetime supply of matches

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Call to Action: July ’13 – Water

This is the third installment of a monthly series called “Call to Action”. Call to Action (CTA) is a monthly reminder to review one part of your prep’s and strengthen it.

Water is taken for granted in many countries – but especially in the United States. Most all have crystal clear water at the turn of a knob or the twist of a bottle cap. Just imagine if the water stops flowing and the ability to grab a bottle of water ceases. Massive panic would set in and engulf populations quickly. Sanitation would quickly become dangerously poor and the ability to irrigate even a small garden

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SurvivalGearBags.com – - Paladin Go Bags in stock!

All - 

Wanted to pass on some information that SurvivalGearBags.com has Paladin Go Bags in stock and ready to ship. These bags are in high demand and can sell out quickly – so if interested – don’t wait too long.


Beyond the Go Bag – SurvivalGearBags has tons and tons of other survival and preparedness items.

Check ‘em out – click HERE. Oh – all items are all shipped FREE!


New monthly sale at Emergency Essentials………

If you are not familiar with Emergency Essentials – they are an industry leader in the preparedness industry. For years and years they have been offering an excellent selection of preparedness supplies at excellent prices.

Each month they place numerous items On Sale –  and May is no different.



Click on the banner above to take a gander at this months sale.

There are some great deals to take advantage of.


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10 Preparedness Supplies bought for less than $10.00 each

From Rourke: This post was originally published over at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. It can be seen in its original format HERE.


It doesn’t take a ton of money to get prepared. Many of us – “seasoned citizens” or not – live on a tight budget. I took a trip to my local Wally-World to check out some inexpensive supplies that can be purchased for less than $10.00.

Here are a few:

Batteries – Needed for flashlights, radio’s and any other electronic devices that may be needed in a grid down situation. Purchase alkaline and look for sales. It is also a good

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Recent preps……

My weeks are usually busier than a one-arm paper hanger, this week has been no different.

Ammunition seems to becoming a little more available – at least .223 and 5.56. In the past week or so I picked up close to 400 rounds averaging $10 for a box of 20. Cost is higher than several months ago – but cheaper than many places. I also picked up one box of 50 rounds 45 ACP. 

I put a Para Expert 1911 .45 on lay-a-way at my local gun shop. I love Glocks, XD’s and M&P’s – but nothing quite feels like

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New Sponsor: Dan’s Depot

New on the preparedness supplies scene, Dan’s Depot is generating some excitement. Combining excellent customer service, a massive and growing selection, and great prices – it does not take long looking around their website to see these folks have their act together.

Dan’s Depot is run by a team of professionals with experience in customer service, marketing – and survival and preparedness. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Often running contests – Dan’s Depot right now is hosting a giveaway of one of their survival kits that they put together themselves. To enter – just click the banner below:

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New products from MSOnline sponsor……..GoBerkey.com

Two NEW Products & Berkey® Discounts!

We’ve discounted two of our newest products here they are:

The Cube Stove (comes with 2 starter fuel disks)

Made in the USA7 unique cooking positionsBoils water in minutesMade of durable aluminized steel & weighs less than 1 lb.

Click on Image or Click HERE

Humless 5 Watt Portable Solar Panel (with USB & multi-attachments)

Charges tablets, phones, & more! Built-In Adjustable Stand Suction Cups for Use in Car/Truck Easily Attaches to Backpacks/Bags

Click on Image

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FREE SHIPPING now at SurvivalGearBags.com

I just received some news that I wanted to pass on to everyone. Longtime ModernSurvivalOnline.com affiliate SurvivalGearBags.com just informed me they are now offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders.


In my discussions with Kelley over at SurvivalGearBags.com I made some suggestions on ho to reach out to more potential customers – including offering free shipping. Well – I know I am the all mighty and powerful John Rourke but he actually took me up on it.



SurvivalGearBags.com offers up a huge line of bags, backpacks, and bug out bags in addition to other preparedness supplies such

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Taking pre-orders on 5.56x45mm NATO 62 Grain XM855 Penetrator rounds

I have just found out that ReadyReserveAmmo.com is expecting a shipment of 5.56mm NATO 62 Grain XM855 Penetrator rounds this week. They are currently taking pre-orders.

I know many of you are looking for ammunition including 5.56mm. At the price that 5.56 ammunition is selling for – around $1.00 per round – take advantage of his deal. Currently they are selling 30 rounds in a long-term storage can or $16.95.  This works out to be a bit above .50 cents a round.

Also – last I looked they still have .22LR in stock and are taking pre-orders for 9mm.


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Recent preps……

What a stressful week. Flew by and now the weekend is almost over. Spent Saturday running kids around and then out for dinner with friends – then the “after-party”. I pretty much got nothing done that I had hoped for.

I have recently connected with a group of 5 like-minded individuals. We have met on a few occasions and will be doing so again this week. I am hoping that the five of us will gel – and develop a support system which will be mutually beneficial for all. What exactly is the goal of the group? That is still developing. Looks like we all live within 30

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Ammunition Source for ModernSurvivalOnline Readers…….

I wanted to get this information out as quickly as possible. I know that many of you – just like me – are looking for ammunition. Much of what I am able to find online is ridiculously expensive. I am happy to report that ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor ReadyReserveAmmo.com actually has some calibers in stock. For how long? Likely not much longer.

As of typing this Thursday night they have .22LR, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 38 Special.

Much of this ammunition is packed in cans specifically for long term storage – but still, prices are lower

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Recent preps……….

Over the last few weeks  have worked on adding some preps to my “system”. You will see there is an obvious emphasis on firearms and related material due to well known reasons.

Added 1800 rounds of misc .223/5.56mm ammunition Purchased a Bushmaster M4 Type Cabine – A2 sights with fixed, non-removalable handle

Added 1500 rounds of 9mm ammunition Added 5000 rounds of .22LR (mostly CCI – my favorite) Added 700 rounds of .30 Carbine Purchased, via private sale – Springfield XD45 with 5 13-rd magazines Added one Springfield XD9 16-rd magazine Added two 25-rd Ruger BX-25 magazines fir

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Broken links and 1911 magazines

Yesterday I had an incorrect link for a 300 Lumen Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp. Link is corrected but figured I would throw this up to let anyone know that may have clicked on the non-corrected one.


Also since I have you: If you are looking for any 1911 magazines – BestTacticalDeals.com has some info on some that are currently in stock. How long in stock? Who knows.

Take care all –




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A new site…….BestTacticalDeals.com


I am excited to announce a new website that falls under the Rourke “Umbrella” is now online – BestTacticalDeals.com.


BestTacticalDeals.com will highlight daily deals on tactical supplies from numerous sources. The goal is pass on exceptional bargains from around the ‘net on tactical supplies from grips, red dot sights, stocks, vests,…..to maybe even magazines (some day).


New deals will be published almost daily.


So, make your way over to BestTacticalDeals.com, check out the deal of the day, and subscribe to receive tactical daily deals in your email – – every day.





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