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Guest Post: Fuel from chicken $#@%

In the event of a collapse, water, shelter, food and fuel are the most basic of necessities.  As most of us who have put some thought into this have at least these bare minimums.  A good water supply and a way of filtering a not so good water supply.  A location that provides shelter from the elements and safety.  A durable food supply that hopefully will last long enough to get through whatever tribulation that comes and a fuel supply for vehicles, machines and cooking.

  I have the best of all worlds with a nearly unlimited supply of firewood,

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Putting back some extra fuel……

I recently stored away some extra gas…..just in case (as usual). I choose to use several 5 gallon and 2 gallon plastic gas containers. I know, I know…..use metal. Well – I didn’t have the money to order Jerry cans online and I will rotate my fuel every 6 months or so.

I have seen testimonies that gasoline will last for a year or more no problem in a plastic can. I have also heard he opposite. Since I need to be able to depend on this fuel to use in my vehicles as well as my generator – I decided to

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Video of the Week: Prepping Fuel Plan

From Engineer775 - Putting together a plan for storing fuels in case SHTF.