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Ronald Reagan
"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

- Ronald Reagan


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The roadwarri0r’s take on basic economic collapse preparedness


One of my favorite YouTube Channels belongs to theroadwarri0r. Although not active currently he still has some great content. Below is one of his video’s related to Economic Collapse preparation. He discusses the basic items needed to prepare in a simple no-nonsense manner.



Right now theroadwarri0r has over 9,000 subscribers and 75 video’s. Check ’em out.




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Watch this…….something to consider


This video shows what the first 12 hours of a US Dollar collapse might look like.

Let’s hope not!!


Stock market crash of 1929 repeating?

economic-collapse (1)

Please look at the graphic below which compares a period of time leading up to the 1929 Stock Market Crash, and recent market trends over the past few years. This information is circulating the Internet as a prediction that come this January the stock market will crash. Based on these trends Economic Collapse appears to be right around the corner. I have stared at those trends over and over again just wondering. Is this for

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Thoughts on the Gold Standard…..


by SF

I realize that this will probably count as heresy in this company, but I feel it is time for me to explain at least an alternative standpoint. Maybe somebody can give me a concrete reason that validates the gold standard. The argument that it was historically always thus is not a real argument in my eyes.


In answer to everybody that demands a return to a gold standard for currency: Why is

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Death by China


I recently received the following email from a reader:


Dear Rourke,

I would ask you to advise all your readers to watch “Death by China”, (it is on Netflix), well before the Christmas shopping season. You can also watch a preview on you tube.

The US has lost 57,000 manufacturing plants to China, since Clinton signed away the US economy with the World Trade Organization agreement.

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Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw U.S. dollar…..

Check out the following excerpt from article published on November 13th –

MOSCOW — Predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar, a Russian lawmaker submitted a bill to his country’s parliament Wednesday that would ban the use or possession of the American currency.

Mikhail Degtyarev, the lawmaker who proposed the bill, compared the dollar to a Ponzi scheme. He warned that the government would have to bail out Russians holding the U.S.

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When We Need to Prep for Economic Hardship


By Harriet, Editor At Large –

As I look back over my own life and through the generations as far as our family is concerned, I think our biggest risk is not a collapse of the power grid, nor TEOTWAWKI, but financial hardship due to loss of employment, loss of a working partner, changing social circumstances or a slow, insidious reduction of buying power at a time when there is low income.

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New Zealand Economic Collapse


New Zealand Economic Collapse

By Harriet, Editor-At-Large Australia

***This article originally appeared over at It can be found HERE.

Back in 1984 I lived in New Zeal and during the time the country’s economy collapsed. I was told by someone working very close to the incoming government that the country technically became bankrupt over the weekend after the 1984 elections. This meant the incoming government had no money in its coffers to

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YouTube Video: Wake Up America – Homeland Security Preparing For 2nd Revolution


What do you think folks?

– Rourke



Video of the Week:The Whole Bubble Economy Will Implode


Via The Economic Collapse Blog – 50 Predictions For 2013

This re-post from the excellent website can be found in its original form here –



50 Predictions For 2013

Are you ready for a wild 2013? It should be a very interesting year. When the calendar flips over each January, lots of people make lots of lists. They make lists of “resolutions”, but most people never follow through on them. They make lists of “predictions”, but most of those predictions

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This post was originally published over at I have to be honest – I never knew that New Zealand had the economic troubles the author describes. After reading – I waned to share with the MSO family.

To view the article in its original format – see



New Zealand Economic Collapse

By Harriet, Editor-At-Large Australia

Country-wide economic collapse. Do I have to bug out? One person’s


Being frugal……homemade laundry detergent

Many preppers today are doing so out of fear of inflation and the economy. More and more people are shopping sales, using coupons, and shopping discount centers. Part of my inflation protection system is stocking up on many commonly used household items such as shampoo, body wash, soap, toilet paper, dish detergent, and laundry detergent. I buy when on sale and stock up.


With two action-packed boys we go through a lot of

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Recommended reading: “Economic Collapse: A Very Real Threat.”


If you are at all concerned, interested……or an American citizen – please go over to The Homestead Report and read one of JP’s latest posts – Economic Collapse: A Very Real Threat.

Why is this post important to the prepper community? Well, like many of JP’s other posts he does an excellent job of putting together information from a variety of sources showing the problems we have today with government and our

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Do you have an Emergency Fund?


I am not the most financially sound person in the world. One thing I do know – is just when things seem to be going well something unexpected always seems to happen where money is suddenly needed.

I make decent money and typically have “disposable” income to pick up a little of “this” or a little of “that“. Typically go out to eat once a week, and pick up some preparedness supplies.

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Re-post from The Retreat: The American Economy – A Few Questions

Published with permission from The Retreat . Original post located HERE.

by Badvoodoodaddy

I have a few questions for our Elected Officials. There are a few things that I don’t quite understand that they have talked about and a few questions about a few things they just don’t talk about at all. The first question is what are the people doing that were on unemployment that have run out of benefits and still have not

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Video of the Week: World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

I love this……..



Stretching money in a tough economy


I am lucky. I have a good job and my wife works as well. I am not heavy in debt.

Regardless – I am pretty particular where I spend my money. In today’s economy a little research, a little looking around and you can save a lot of money.

Here are some examples:

Google Product Search – I buy a lot of stuff online. Although I make every effort to do business locally – I

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Raising the debt ceiling……

Note from Rourke: I value everyone’s opinions – even those that differ from mine. With that said….I present this guest post.

Raising the Debt Ceiling Can Prevent the Forthcoming Recession- Give It A Thought

by Sophie Kinsella

The Congress has decided to reduce the federal deficit to the gradual economic recovery. As its immediate effect, it is presumed that when the economy will recover, the federal budget will be

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New prepper TV Show: “Doomsday Prepper”

Alright everyone – I am really excited to watch this new TV show Monday night at 10:00pm (here on the east coast).

The show is called “Doomsday Preppers” and of significance in this episode is the highlighting of two people I am familiar with – SouthernPrepper1(David) and Engineering775(Scott) from YouTube. I recently spent the day with these two great guys and I am very excited for them with this opportunity. The show illustrates the importance

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Video of the Week: Government Gone Wild

Take care all –


Guest Post: The Dissolution of the United States


There are troubling financial signs coming out of Washington and the State Capitols. Deficits, mounting debt, and a poor economy are proving to be a direct threat to the future of our country. Poor economic policies, trillions of dollars in national debt, political bickering, and a fundamental lack of leadership will bring on the dissolution of the United States.


2011 and 2012

The Federal budget for 2011, which runs from October

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Standard & Poor’s Downgrades its outlook for US


As if the news can’t get any worse for those who pay attention – Standard and Poor’s changed it’s outlook on the US credit rating from “stable” to”negative”. This is a significant event.

Investing in the United States has long been considered probably the safest most secure investment in the word. This is certainly a step in the opposite direction. It is amazing to me that so many people – such as yourself and

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Food prices continue to increase……..


I had been planning a post regarding the ever increasing food prices when Suzannah over at Southern Belle Prepper sent me an email with a link to the article below.

Please read the following article and I will have comments following.

Food Kit

Photo: Courtesy of The Obsessive

Prices at LDS canneries show inflation for food up between 11 and 49% By Kenneth Schortgen Jr, Finance Examiner April 7th, 2011 1:17 pm ET

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