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Ammunition Source for ModernSurvivalOnline Readers…….

Ammo IN A Can Professional

I wanted to get this information out as quickly as possible. I know that many of you – just like me – are looking for ammunition. Much of what I am able to find online is ridiculously expensive. I am happy to report that ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor actually has some calibers in stock. For how long? Likely not much longer.

As of typing this Thursday night they have .22LR, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 38 Special.

Much of this ammunition is packed in cans specifically for long term storage – but still, prices are lower than what can be found in many gun shows and shops.

CCI Rimfire 2-500x500

Of particular note – they have some CCI Mini-Mags in cases of 5000 rounds for $399.99 ($8.00 per box). Local gun shop near me was selling this stuff for $18.99 for 100 rounds – crazy!

Ammo Can Pictures 069-500x500

They have canned 100 round .22LR packs for $8.95.

Cans of 333 rounds of .22LR are $28.95.

If you are one of many that are looking for ammo – don’t wait too long. Get with some friends and go in on and order and split the shipping – that is what I did.

Keep your powder dry!

 – Rourke

P.S. – They do not currently have any 5.56 in stock – but are expecting some soon.


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12 comments to Ammunition Source for ModernSurvivalOnline Readers…….

  • Thanks for the heads up Rourke. I’m trying to get a group order together for the CCI mini mags.

  • Southernprepper1

    Thanks for the heads up on the 22 long ammo. CCI mini mags just order a case and going to split it with my brother.

  • brett

    Thanks for the heads up. Just got office in on order.

  • Rick

    way too expensive for a poor man!

  • Zen

    I echo the thanks for the heads up on the ammo. Nice! Thanks for all you do. I continue to try to support those who support our 2nd Amendment rights and boycott those who attack our rights. We keep a list of who to avoid, such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Groupon, Bank of America, Time Warner Cable, etc.

  • Jennifer in Reno!

    @ Rick – is that too expensive? Seems like a really good deal to me (especially the 333 box) – but I have limited experience. I’ve bought ammo twice and both times it was from the guy in the ammo department at our local camping store.

  • Rick

    Jennifer- not that long ago I was paying under $20 for the same box- and there were no shipping charges. I think if you have no stockpile at all, you need to get the ammo where you can, but if you have some reserve, try to buy local. you might search for local ammo sellers on the net- here in SC we have an outfit called “Apollo Bullets” you might even check them out- they will ship.

  • Six

    Ordered the 5000 rounds of 22 LR. Went there from here so I hope you get credit. Thanks Rourke!

  • Some group members and I went in on 5000 cci mini mags. Thanks again for the heads up on that Rourke. They should give you some free ammo for sending so much traffic there way.

  • Rourke

    KoryN –

    That would be nice – but a buddy and mine also went in on a case.

    Take care – Rourke

  • Rourke

    Six –

    Glad you were able to get it. Credit? No – but I did get a very big “Thank you!”

    Take care Six – Rourke

  • SHTFJan

    Thanks Rourke! I ordered 3 cans of the 22LR. I love your site and appreciate your efforts.