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Ammo giveaway July 4th at The Survivalist Blog!

MD Creekmore from The Survivalist Blog is giving away 1,000 rounds of 9mm ammo from LuckyGunner

This is 1,000 rounds of 124-grain FMJ 9mm ammo. I think my S&W M&P9 would enjoy this very much. If you would like a chance to win  – just follow the instructions below:

To enter the Super Ammo Giveaway, just write a post about it on your blog, website or forum. This can be anything from a paragraph to a 5000 word essay, that’s up to you. Don’t forget to mention LuckyGunner – without them this contest would not be possible. 

This contest is open to everyone. If you have blog, website or forum you can enter. It doesn’t matter where you are or what language your blog is written in as long as you let your readers know about the contest with a post on your site you’re in. 

After you’ve made your post, send an email to mdcreekmore@thesurvivalistblog.net with the URL to your post and I’ll print out your email and toss in the draw bucket. It’s that simple. 

On July 4, I’ll draw one name from the bucket and that blogger will be hitting the range with a crate of free ammo. Good luck!

I’d like to stash away another 1,000 rounds of ammo.

I guess we will find out July 4th.  Regardless – you should checkout The Survivalist Blog – good stuff!

Take care all -


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