Amazon Prime and Audible books


With the holiday season well underway figured I would share a couple of resources I highly recommend. I use both of these quite frequently.

Amazon Prime is the first. I have been a member for the last several years. What I like about Amazon Prime is for most any item I purchase I get free 2-day shipping. Combined with the great prices I really like this. Prime members also have access to thousands of movies and TV shows which can be streamed. I utilize this service all the time on my Roku boxes.

Right now you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days. Go HERE for more information.

The second is also part of Amazon – it is Audible books.

I have “read” over a dozen books in just the last 3-4 months. I do this by listening to books on my way to work, the grocery store, during trips, or out running errands. So far I have been very impressed with the way the narrators change their voice for each character. It is like a movie for your mind.

I listen using different devices including my cell phone, Kindle Fire, and sometimes on my computer.

If interested in trying Audible books go HERE and get two free books for trying it out.

Have a good rest of your week.

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  1. I agree on audio books. I drive and hour .. so audio books are some thing to keep my mind active .. or on long trips.
    If you have an Android phone .. try “Smart Audiobook Player”. It is very tolerant of rough audio spots on recordings. If you stop the player, when you come back it cover 10 to 60 seconds of material you previously listened to .. That is huge for audiobook people. As well if yo do them you know what a pain music player is to skip down or over part of a book to find a spot. This app has 1 minute and 10 second skips programmed in.. and you can adjust it to more or less if you prefer. And that is the free version.. Paid version has some book marks and a couple other features that are useful. Best app I have found .. I have found similar in iPhone store .. but they cost more and doen’t work as well. Not an iPhone fan .. but to each his or her own. 🙂

    I noted if you are a rader that Prime lets you “borrow” many books for free, or maybe just no additional cost on kindle.. of course they want to get you to buy their 9.99 a month book club thingy .. whatever they call it.

    Have great day guys n gals .. more canning this weekend .. our late tomatoes this year have been really good ..

    I do have a question .. Was considering raising Rabbits or quail and I think settling on quail.. any thoughts .. cautions . can you run them with chickens etc etc. Seems they produce meet and layers in 8-10 weeks and was thinking Coturnix Jumbo’s

  2. Events in France remind me of a mini Tet attack. When you consider Obama wants to bring these same refugees to our country I can only say that what we see is coming to a town near you sooner or later here. Didn’t Obama refer to them the JV team?, seems the way we have been conducting ops against ISIS, we’re the JV team. The Democrats would have our arms confiscated and be slaughtered like sheep. All of these events should serve as warning to all of us to prepare an be ready. Keep your battle kits ready an close.

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