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Advertising on ModernSurvivalOnline

Although this blog is very new – daily traffic is beyond what I had expected at this point. I am excepting a limited number of advertisers should someone be interested.

I do have a few rules regarding those that may wish to advertise:

  • I only allow paid advertisers that sell products or services that I believe in and trust.
  • I expect my advertisers to engage in ethical and honest business practices.
  • I depend on my advertisers to help support this site. If I find one of my advertisers to perform below my expectations – I will end my relationship with them…..period.

That is pretty much it. I am trying to make this blog as first rate as possible – and expect businesses that are affiliated with it to conduct themselves at the highest level and treat my readers first rate as well.

I am currently limiting the number of advertisers to a total of 6. If you are interested – please email me. My advertising rates are very low right now. ModernSurvivalOnline readers will see your ad daily.

Thanks and take care –


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