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Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

- Thomas Jefferson


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A few random thoughts………..

A few things that have been on my mind…….


  • Tapco 30-rd black magazines for sale – I have 6 brand new Tapco 30-rd AR magazines. These are solid black. Two are in the Tapco clear plastic packaging, and 4 are bulk packed. Never used. I am looking to sell them for $135.00 which includes shipping. Paypal is required payment. If interested send me an email to emergencycd(at) $$SOLD$$


  • So far decently happy about the new look of this site. Having had the previous theme for over two ear – I got used to it but wanted something different. Still moving stuff around a bit and trying to get things just right (in my eyes).


  • Have had a few issues recently with the latest website software update – every so often a post that is scheduled missed being published. When that happens I have to go in an manually publish it. Since I work all day – a missed post usually won’t get published till the early evening.


  • No doubt you have heard about the meteor that exploded in Russia. What an incredible event. Something to consider – what if it had been much bigger? It could have been incredibly devastating and possibly could have effected the entire planet. Not high on the list of reasons to prepare – but “meteor impact” is definitely a threat.



  • I am almost complete with the initial module of the ModernSurvivalOnline Minuteman Protocol. I hope to publish the first part next week. Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. What will be proposed is not meant for everyone – rather it is merely a template which to consider.


  • In the past week I have worked on putting together a new tactical load bearing equipment (LBE) set up. I am using a plate carrier, kangaroo pouch holding AR magazines and pistol mags, small radio pouch, and a drop pouch. So far really happy with the set up. I will write up an overview once I am done with it.




  • The folks over at MSO sponsor have recently started a blog. Check it out here.


  • Here is a little something that frequent contributor and commenter John Gault sent me. If you have been paying attention to some of the actions our government is taking against freedom – it will make sense.
norman-rockwell-the-runaway (1)

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  •  I just ordered one of these TrustFire 1000 Lumen LED Flashlights from Amazon. Reading the reviews it looks to be a good buy at under $15.00. I did not order the rechargeable batteries for it – though I may. I plan to use two CR123 batteries instead to test it out. 1000 lumens or close) for $15 bucks? Sounds good, we’ll see.



  • Not sure how many of you are watching The Walking Dead – but it is AWESOME!! I love it.



Take care all –



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  • Rick

    got a little frustrated with the WD. . . . . I know it is only fiction, but there seem to be soo many stupid decisions made, I got tired of it. . . .